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Design Engineering – Molded Prototype

Design Engineering: For Your Product Development Project

Design Engineering – Molded Prototype

Based on our diversified experience, we partner with you to:

  • Fast track your designs to speed-up the product development cycle
  • Offer design assistance with your product development challenges
  • Help you integrate the requirements of both tooling and production into your final design.

35 years of product development and design experience combined with creative technical thinking

We design with tooling, production, packaging and distribution consideration. Our indepth knowledge of all areas provides optimal results, from design concept to materials selection to manufacturing options.

  • Design for manufacturing
  • Design engineers will consider all aspects of an injection mold for your part.
  • We offer design assistance; we’ll work with your idea in any stage.
  • R&D of plastic parts
  • Patent development Inventors welcome
  • Difficult and challenging projects are welcome

IFA will work with your in the early phases of your product development to deliver the highest quality injection molded components and ultimately provide a streamlined product development process.

Let us Bring Your Dreams to Life: Prototype Molding

You have designed the perfect product. You may even have made rough prototypes of the product in a home laboratory or with existing parts and are ready to take the next step and create a real prototype of your design. However, you may not know what step comes next. You may not know how to move your design from paper to the real world, or how to translate a design that is a compromise, forced by necessity because it was made of existing components, into what you envision in your head. I.F. Associates, a well-respected prototype molder, can help you realize your dreams and bring your ideas to life. Read more on Prototype Molding

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