Industrial Injection Molding New Jersey

Industrial Injection Molding

Creating Industrial Plastic Parts Through Molding

Here at IF Associates, our specialty is industrial injection molding. We work with numerous thermoplastic polymers, elastomeric materials, and engineering resins to create flawless molded plastic parts. Our expertise spanning over 35 years with the most updated technology and specialized materials allows us to produce plastic components to your exact specifications.

The Basics of Industrial Plastic Injection Molding

Creating plastic parts for various industries is both our expertise and passion. We have developed an efficient process that adheres to the most robust quality assurance standards. Here’s an idea of what the process of industrial injection molding is:

  1. Creating a mold in the specific shape based on your drawings or CAD files.
  2. Feeding plastic into an injection unit where they become heated and placed in the mold.
  3. After filling the entire mold, the plastic is cooled down and hardened.

Our process results in flawless products that hardly require any finishing. We use the most durable plastics and resins available so that your product will remain sturdy and functional. You can trust us to create a perfect product.

Designing and Prototyping

If your design isn’t completely finished yet, don’t worry. We have design engineers available to help you create your CAD files or conceptual drawings. A prototype can be created so that you’ll know exactly what your product is going to look like. With IF Associates, you don’t just get manufacturing and assembly. If you need it, we’ll help you every step of the way. Our goal is to make sure the design of your dreams is made into a reality.

Let Us Design Your Product

We produce medical, optical, electronic, and other electro-mechanical plastic parts for several companies and government agencies. All of our products are proudly made in the USA. If you need high quality plastic parts, hire us for industrial injection molding. Call (732) 223-2900 to speak with us and get a free quote.

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