High Quality Industrial Plastic Parts Specialists New Jersey

Producing Perfect Industrial Plastic Part of Unparalleled Quality

At IF Associates, we know that various industries depend on quality industrial plastic parts to thrive. We provide top-notch products to government agencies and various companies in the electronic, medical, optical, and telecommunications fields. Whether you’re an engineer who needs custom made pulleys, a medical institution that needs special devices, or anything in between, we can help.

Designing, Engineering, and Prototyping for Business to Business

Our services are comprehensive, meaning we’ll help your business design, engineer, and prototype your products before we manufacture and assemble them. If you already have ideas, we can go straight to the prototyping process. Existing conceptual drawings, CAD files, or conventional drawings allow us to make a prototype that is truly accurate to the finished industrial type product.

If you don’t have any drawings or files we can assist you in creating them. We can help design your product based off of rough ideas. Our industrial engineers consist of highly experienced injection molding experts who can take you through the entire process. No matter how much we help in creating your product, it always remains your product.

You Can Trust IF Associates

The most important thing about any company is experience in producing quality products and satisfying customers. We have been doing this since we started in 1977. Our history proves itself. We can make your product come to life with the following services:

  • Industrial Designing and engineering
  • Industrial Complex tooling
  • Molding difficult shapes for Businesses
  • Efficient schedules
  • Small, medium, and large orders of varying durations for your Business

Business to Business Plastic Injection Molding Experts

To put it simply, IF Associates is here to make sure your goals are achieved. We have the machinery and expertise necessary to accommodate various orders. From short orders of tiny plastic parts to big orders of complex parts, we can help you every step of the way. Call us at (732) 223-2900 and we’ll be happy to answer any inquiries and provide you with a free quote.

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