Molding Products With Industrial Engineering Grade Resins

Industrial Engineering resins

Molding Products With Industrial Engineering Grade Resins

High quality, durable, and sturdy products are important. IF Associates serves a variety of clients in various industries where nothing can be left to chance. We serve many industries including medical and electronic. Even government agencies trust us to produce their products. That’s because we believe in constructing the best products out of the highest quality industrial engineering resins.

What Are Industrial Engineering Resins?

When we talk about engineering resins, we’re talking about strong polymer plastics. These particular materials outperform commodity plastics in thermal and mechanical properties. Engineering resins even match or exceed the weight and strength of woods and metals. They’re much easier to use when creating products with complicated shapes as well.

Benefits of Industrial Plastic Injection Molding

IF Associates molds products for technical and commercial uses out of engineering resins. Here’s why we use molds instead of traditional machining:

  • It is easier to create products that have consistent shapes and sizes.
  • Molding allows for more precision and intricate designs.
  • Traditional machining is a much slower process.

The Business to Business Process

Molding products out of engineering resins for all size businesses is our passion. Our process has been perfected over our 35 years in business and we always adhere to the highest quality assurance standards. We create molds out of your CAD files or drawings then heat plastic pellets and force them into the mold. The plastic is then heated until it fills the entire mold. The final phase is cooling the mold and waiting until it hardens. Most of our products need hardly any finishing once they are molded.

Nothing But Quality Business to Business Services

When you trust IF Associates to design, engineer, manufacture, and assemble your products, you can expect nothing less than perfection. We’ve built up our reputation for decades as a company that delivers your products in a timely manner with no defects. Contact us by calling 732-223-2900. We’ll give you a quote at no cost and answer any questions you may have about our services.

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